Eyes and Brows

LashLift is the ultimate for natural lashes combining lift, volume and length – resulting with show-stopping eyes. One 60-minute treatment promises to deliver all three, without the need for extensions or falsies. Intrigued? If you’ve always desired that flutter but maintenance isn’t your thing and you haven't got the time for eyelash curling but love the mascara-style affect every morning, it’s time to look into LashLift. LashLift Lashes last up to x6 weeks.

Do's - 

  • Get patch testing done at least 48hrs prior to your treatment

  •  Arrive with no eye make-up on.

  •  Remove contact lenses if you wear them, prior to your treatment.

  • Comb your newly Lifted Lashes (upwards) daily with comb provided.

Don'ts -

  • Have an LashLift if you are claustrophobic.  

  • If you have very twitchy eyes and they cannot relax!

  • Get the lashes wet for the first 24hrs.

  • No sauna, steams also for 24hrs-after treatment, 

  • DO NOT APPLY MASCARA FOR 24HRS-after treatment.  

  • Do not apply eye cream, face cream to the eye/lash area for 24hrs-after treatment.