Top Tips for Pre & Post Spray Tan

Before we begin…


It may sound obvious but keeping your skin in good condition will help your cause when it comes to hitting spray tan…! Try to follow the mantra of moisturize everyday when you step out of the shower or before hitting the sack. Patchy dry skin just wont respond well to a faux glow.


Prior to the Tan


  • Shower or bathe least 24hrs prior to the tanning session.Be sure to exfoliate, this is the most important step to achieving the best tan. (Pay close attention to problem areas such as knees, elbows and feet.)


  • Use a soap you can see through, as thick creamy soaps can over moisturise the skin that then acts as a barrier and neutralise the tan.


  • Do not apply lotions or moisturisers to your skin before a tan. Use Deodorant sparingly and little to no make-up is preferable.These products can act as a barrier to the tanning solution causing an uneven,streaky tan. 


  • Shaving, facials, waxing, or any other hair removal procedures should be done at least one day prior to your tanning session.That includes microdermabrasion!

After you Tan


  • Wear loose-fitting,dark clothes and flip-flops immediately after the tanning session.


  • Avoid rubbing your skin with your hands until after showering (at least 8 hours later or 2-3 with the Express!)


  • Try and stay away from activities that will cause you to get hot and sweaty, (including excessive heat, saunas, swimming bathing or showering …..! (Im giving you permission to avoid the gym for one night …!)


  • When the time comes to shower/rinse to remove the solution/bronzer keep the water just warm.


  • Try to continue to avoid using heavy soaps as it will help to keep your tan a little longer!


  • Moisturise…! I cannot stress enough how important this step is…! I would recommend twice a day if possible,as the more hydrated your skin is the longer the life of you tan. (alcohol and mineral based oils can dry your skin…!) Just saying….!


Another little tip….!


Girls….! believe it or not, between the boobs can fade the fastest. To prevent this from happening give that area an extra buff with your chosen scrub,perfect spherical beads will work much better all over than a grained base scrub.

So on that note…


Lets get that body Buffed & Bronzed…..!


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